Animal Energy cares

Maxi – Wellness for animals – Reki for animals- (October 8th 2018)


Joy from head to toes 

Energie Magazine 2013

Reveal your beauty 

Restore inner calm 

Améliorer sa mémoire

Improve your memory 

100% Vitalité Energie Mars 2012

100% vitality  

Enérgie Magazine Aout 2013

Recover your self-confidence  

Stop au mal de dos

Say “STOP” to backaches  

Tous en forme

Everybody in good shape 

Enérgie Magazine Aout 2013

Cleverer, sharper  

Renew your relations  

Gérer sa colère

Anger management 

Vaincre ses peurs

Overcoming your fears


Foundation N/a’an Ku sêFondation-NaankuseDeva Premal & MitenDeva PremalAmmaAmma

TV France 24 – Détox


Click here to watch documentary from France 24 (January 5th 2013)

Article in “Elle” South of France Edition Magazine

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Mistake price was 40 eur not 80 eur