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Horses have led me to change ways. As I was looking for my path, they put me on the right one.

I left a very good job to spend time with them, with no second thoughts. I worked on myself. I learned from them, they taught me a lot.

When I’m with them, I feel moved from inside. They make us progress, let loose, they make us better. Horses are like a mirror, reflecting our state of being, our emotions, our soul.



Horses force us to be here and now. Riding, or walking with a horse is like meditating. We can’t ride and think of our problems. Horses will give you the best if you love, respect, and treat them as they deserve.

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It isn’t always a quiet relation, as you both evoluate ceaselessly. Sometimes you have to accept that you have changed, and the horse has changed as well, and you both need to part ways for your both well-beings.

Horses taught me to get rid of my fears, let loose, take the floor, make choices, be a woman despite my softness. I saw some people change completely with horses.

I dream of a world where horses are justly recognised, and not only valuable commodities representing millions of dollars or tools to win prizes. They must be regarded as partners and friends.

Looking in the eyes of a horse is like looking inside a wishing-well.

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I got trained in ethology. It enables me to see horses with a different angle. It helps me in my energetic cares to better understand them and therefore forge a connection.


My sincere thanks to my teachers : Jean-paul Bérard, Hubert and Angeline Bouteloup.


Hosemanship Training with Tim Hayes – USA – Vermont


With Oscar , from Hidalgo moovie


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AFRIQUE TRECK volved Christelle mustel soins animaux chevaux animal healing horses

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Quotes :

Buck Brannaman

“Sometimes I think I’m not helping people with horse problems, but helping horses with people problems”

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul, sometimes you might not like what you see… sometimes you will.”