Reflexology relieves pain, eliminates toxins, stimulates, boost blood circulation, relaxes. It regulates energy flow of the body before the installation of a disease. For all ages!

Energy Healing

Balance your energy healing life energy, soothes, helps you better manage change daily. Be free of emotional burdens that impede advance to find harmony.

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Animal energetic cares at distance of with hands on the body. Animals are very sensitive and responsive to energy. Reduce behavior problems, relieve pain, give vitality.

I give my energy by touching, mixing movements of Reflexology, Shiatsu, telling touch, massage. Some animals prefer being touched directly on the body. When i take care of your animal, i follow my intuition, let my hands go on the body, your animal guides my hand on what he needs. With a good connection, i can see if he wants something quiet, energic.

For all what they give us, they deserve it!

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