Who I am ?

CHRISTELLE MUSTEL reflexologie soins enertiques animaux evolved

Reflexologist, energetician, passionate by humans and animals, I practice my care intuitively. After 15 years as executive assistant, I converted to bring to the others what I always wanted to do: well-being. This realization occurred after a riding accident.

My goal: to help people who are in changing times, who are questioning themselves, who are going through a difficult period, to help them to recur, to live as best as possible with themselves. Simply bring them well-being, vitality, serenity at moments when it’s lacking. For this, I propose the tools I have acquired over time: reflexology, energy healing and meditation. To give additional tracks, I wrote my book: “Three years to change your life”. My feelings, my love, my passion for animals, especially for horses, pushed me to develop treatments that are tailored to them. I also regularly share a beautiful meditation that help me in my life, during free workshops: Twin Hearts meditation. You can follow me on my blog, my Facebook pages dedicated to well-being, spirituality and animals.

I also organise now trainings, seminars with horses (management, self confidence, communication) with horsetrainers and professionals coachs.

Thank you to those who will follow me in this great adventure.

Christelle Mustel

I practice reflexology and energy care mainly in Paris, but I move sometimes in Province: Surgères (Charentes), Rémalard (Perche Region in Low Normandy). In August, I practice reflexology in Cala Gonone (Sardinia). I speak French, English, Italian, so do not hesitate to contact me. I work at distance for animal energy cares.


Foot reflexology for adult, children and adolescents

Energy cares for animals in Paris or afar.

Author of “3 years to change your life”

Contributor to the magazine  “Energy Italia”

Certified from Wat Po Thai Massage Medical School (Thaïlande)

Certified from Energy Medicine Institute (Paris)

Formed to various energy healing techniques: Reiki, Pranic Healing.

Trained with Amelia Kinkade for Animal Communication

Initiation to the telling T Touch for animals

Ethology horses FFE – level 1&2

Training discovering Horsmanship with Tim Hayes USA : www.hayesisforhorses.com


Souvenirs – Wat Po School


For sharing, here is some foundations that I support:

– For the planet, the animals:

  • Naankuse.com : www.naankuse.com
  • Drakenstein Lion Park : www.lionrescue.org.za
  • Kevin Richardson : www.lionwhisperer.co.za
  • Ethique et Animaux L214 : www.l214.com
  • 30 millions d’amis, Brigitte Bardot, IFAW, WWF
  • www.centerforamericasfirsthorse.org for spanish mustangs

– For other causes:

  • Matthieu Ricard’s fondation : karuna-shechen.org
  • Médecin sans frontières, Unicef, Secours populaire, Petits Princes, and others…

I do as I can with my budget, I vary the foundations. I’m more attached to some foundations. Sometimes, give 2-3€ regularly can change a lot!
“It’s in giving that we receive” Saint Francis of Assisi


Thank you to all the persons who help me to develop myself, my career, for photographies, communication, trainings, who are close to me, and believe in me.

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