Reflexology for Kids

Children, adolescents, sometimes encounter difficulties and do not always dare to speak. They may feel isolated at school, suffer from shyness, have fears, pass bad nights because of nightmares. Thus, a session can help them find sleep, their confidence, make them want to open more. For athletes, this allows them to receive an energy boost, simply relieve their feet (dancers, footballers). A session can act on the physical and the emotional. Often adults begin work on themselves rather late, they are many blockages to eliminate. I chose to take care of children to grow up with the fewest possible barriers, allowing them to live better these good years that are childhood and adolescence.


reflexo enfants


To be in harmony with themselves and their environment, Reflexology can accompany children or adolescents who are nervous, hyperactive, shy and encountering problems such as:

– Sleep Disorders

– Anxiety

– Lack of concentration.

Reflexology will also help reduce stress that may occur on the eve of exams. It also helps to relieve common disorders: Common cold, Asthma, Acne … Reflexology could help children with autism. Very sensitive children respond well and quickly to a reflexology session.

The Session

Very curious, children who do not know these feelings, wondering what’s going on, they are amazed. Then they feel relaxation, they slacken off. It is impressive to see how quickly children respond to treatment. See them leave with a smile, my best gift!


Duration : arround 30 to 50  minutes

Price : 40 euros