Twin Hearts Meditation

(From Master Choa Kok Sui)

1/ Principles

I practice since 10 years the meditation  of “Twin Hearts” or “Mediation for universal peace and enlightenment”, presented by Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a valuable tool to bring peace and harmony to the land, its people and to awaken.



Why “Twin Hearts”?

“Meditation of two hearts” refers to the chakra of the heart center, center for compassion, joy, and forgiveness and the crown chakra refers to the divine heart, enlightenment and divine unity. In order to attain enlightenment, the crown chakra (the crown) should be fully activated. This can only be done if the heart chakra is activated. Using these two chakras to bless the whole earth, the one who practice “meditation on Twin Hearts”, becomes a spiritual energy channel. This energy flows through the spiritual cord (at the top of the head) and is distributed in the energy centers of the body called CHAKRAS. Thus, this meditation develops intuition, connecting with the Divine, opens the chakras of the heart of the crown. By practicing regularly we have a higher energy, physical, emotional and balanced, healthier.

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Meditation on Twin Hearts is based primarily on the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. This meditation is a blessing for the earth and its inhabitants, by implementing the principle “it is in giving that we receive.” Send love on earth, by visualizing facing you, light, bless our land with love, joy, warmth, tenderness, abundance, prosperity. Create unity with the whole, to see the positive beautiful when everything is negative. Help people who suffer, who are depressed. Help earth to purify, regenerate. Bless the earth with peace, harmony.


Here is the text of the prayer of St. Francis that is used:

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace!

Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Where there is the offense, let me sow pardon.

Where there is discord, let me sow union.

Where there is error, I may bring truth.

Where there is doubt, let me sow faith.

Where there is despair, let me sow hope.

Where there is darkness, let me put your light.

Where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

It is in giving that we receive …

It is by forgetting … found

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned … “

St. Francis of Assisi

2 / Benefits of Meditation

When we practice regularly, our energy flows better, we are less stressed, the heart opens. I realized that little by little we enjoy what we send to earth. Over time, I felt more cheerful, with generous kindest thoughts, I myself am calmer. It’s like what is done during meditation anchor in us. What is done to the earth, affects us. We give love, we love. We send the kindness we receive kindness. During meditation, we are really in a bubble of serenity. Often we feel the energy in your hands, even for people who have never practiced. In short, meditation on Twin Hearts:

Activates the heart chakra, the crown chakra and other

  • Help reduce stress, anxiety
  • Lets focus, increasing vital energy, inner strength
  • Help to better clarity of mind
  • Improves physical, emotional, mental
  • Increases the dimension of the aura
  • Used to reach Enlightenment, the connection to the Divine

To enjoy all these effects, we must practice regularly. Meditating is not enough, in this journey, Master Choa Kok Sui also recommended personal work to develop good character, virtues such as compassion, generosity, honesty, etc.

Pour bénéficier de tous ces effets, il faut pratiquer régulièrement. Méditer ne suffit pas, dans ce cheminement, Maître Choa Kok Sui  recommandait  aussi un travail personnel pour développer un bon caractère, les vertus telles que  compassion, la générosité, l’honnêteté, etc

 3 / Personal Experience of Meditation

CHRISTELLE MUSTEL EVOLVED MEDITATAIONThis meditation changed my life. She gave me the strength to undertake, make choices take them on. By practicing it more and more I felt the benefits that is why I started to practice regularly. Many people think that meditation is very complicated. I also thought that would be more difficult to meditate, holding complicated positions but this is not the case.



In fact this meditation is easier than I had imagined it. Just sit, eyes closed, back straight for about 25 minutes, and follow the guided meditation that is. There is a series of physical exercises to do before and after, but they are gentle enough for the body. After the first trial, I wanted to start quickly. I liked feeling the energy, I found the beautiful and simple meditation. I felt good, I felt a deep relaxation.


During meditation, there is a silence about three minutes to evacuate, let go. At first I could not let me go I had lots of thoughts about my day, things to do, and the questions I ask myself. Gradually I managed to free my mind. This is where I got beautiful pictures. I did not want to open your eyes There are times I’ve had pictures, others not. It is not systematic.


The first time I meditated I felt like laughing, it was hard to concentrate, keep the position, and keep your eyes closed. I was apprehensive because the image I had formed in me. When I meditate, this is my little trip away from it all. I have with me, I give, I receive, I am empty, I recharge. Over time, I felt the changes in me, my intuition has developed, I became more generous, I try to be more attentive, more lenient in the division. There are times when I pause because I do not feel like I’m not brave, but soon I feel the stress take its place, and I miss it. What I thought was a duty became a pleasure.


Meditation is now part of my daily life. I practice regularly. When I think it was just to try the first time almost a game! I did not put myself in too easily and become regular. I do not expect these effects to this. It also happened to me crying during meditation, or later. The goal is to open the heart, to release if too heavy emotions weigh, they end up being released. I think if my life has changed, thanks to that. I changed my way of being to perceive, my vision to see people, the way I look on situations. I manage conflicts better, the bad news difficulties. I now come to see the good in all things in the trials.


I think the energy that I give for my care has changed too, it is stronger, and I have much better results. I did find this meditation to people around me, to strangers, patients who have experienced the same effects as me, the benefits. Now it has become a goal to discover it because for me it is a nice tool that I used I experienced and that brings a lot. I want to give everyone the opportunity that I had. I do not know all methods of meditation, but I know that this one brought me. I hope it will be the same for those who go to practice.


We all have ups, downs, regarding me think helped me to face hard times differently with more force. The time when it goes wrong, not last as long. It also depends on our inner strength. We all have different capacities to face difficult situations. For some it will take longer before feeling the effects. I began to meditate once a week, then two, then three. The need was felt quickly to meditate more regularly.


I now dedicate time every day to spirituality, even if I did not meditate. A thank, send light energy, refocus, breathe, do something good, help someone, give care according to my possibilities. I feel increasingly guided to make my choice, take, I now feel protected. It happens to me more and more beautiful things, beautiful meetings.


Discover the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, was a discovery of the most rewarding in my life. I consider it a privilege to have benefited from his course: Arathique Yoga, Pranic Healing, Kryashaktis, Feng Shui. His teachings are valuable, he took lessons from great teachers, elders, and he modernized, made available in a simple language. I benefited from its course by disciples who were lucky to know him. I have not had that chance because he left his physical body there are seven. It seemed important to quote Master Choa Kok Sui, because of changes in my life, improved my daily life itself is partly responsible. I am alive today I wish, thanks to its valuable lessons.

To Master Choa Kok Sui … Thank you…

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