Animal Energy Healing

 Animals Energy Healing – Pranic Healing for Animals

animal healing

Animals also have the right to be given wellness !!

HORSE, DOGS, CATS , ALL ANIMALS can get Energy healing treatments.

I offer my energy to  help your animals : horses, dogs, cats, others… which are very sensitive and quiqkly responsive to energy. My love for them, pushed me to give them the same energy that I give to humans. I love taking care of a person, an animal, or human-animal couple.

Persons bring me their animal, and sometimes it leads people to take care of themselves.

My aim : making people be happy with their animals and make animals happy with their human owners.

Animals sometimes take on them their owner diseases, stress, and often play the role of mirror highlighting the emotions to work. Without going much in depth, an energy healing treatment for your animal, can bring a lot of wellbeing , put it in harmony with itself. Energy can help your animal to recover faster, improve the health and your relation.

For what they give us … They deserve it.  Animals love receiving energy. It’s like making them a gift, give a massage to a member of your family.

Even if they are in good health they love it! It is a relaxing moment for them.



Benefits of Animal Engery Healing :


energy bien être animal

Energy Healing for animal contributes to:

  • Reduce stress, traumas
  • Decrease fears before the visit of the veterinary, or a trip
  • Activate the self healing process of the body after surgery, natural recovering
  • Relieve back pain, osteoarthritis, or those linked to disease
  • Reduce behaviours problems :agressivity, fearful, sadness
  • Give joy
  • Restoring apetit, decrease stomach pains
  • An energy treatment can help an adopted animal make him feel better about the new family and get rid of bad treatments
  • Help old animals to feel better, geld older in a nice way or leave earth in peace if the time is arrived


These animal treatments are not painful, it’s pretty sweet. I work intuitively using reiki and Pranic Healing. As with humans, animal diseases come from an energy imbalance. By harmonizing energy of your animal, chakras, it works on the physical sphere, emotional, mental.


When animals arrive at the end of their life and receive energy, it can help them to leave better, more calmly, soothe their souls.

If you ask me a treatment for old animal, you need to be aware of this.

How do I work?

By imposition of hands with Reiki technic on your animal, or placing them above the animal not to be too intrusive. I also clean the chakras and aura using the Pranic Healing therapy, a no touch pratice. That’s why I can pratice Energy Healing on your animal wherever you are in the world.



When animals receive enough energy, they leave the room or change position to put the area it would be energized in front of my hands if  i do not go fast enough 🙂

The touch

reflexo ganesha animal healing christlele mustel






Sometimes I put my hands on the animal, do accupressure like Shiatsu, same touch as reflexology, using massage movements. When i am connected to the animal he lets me know where he needs to be touched, if he needs a slow or strong pressure, massage.

Energy healing at distance for animals

I work a lot on animals energy at distance too, with pictures as support. Wherever you are in the world, i can help you, i can help your animal. If you leave in south of France , USA, JAPAN, i can connect to your animal to give him an energy healing treatment.

This is not a problem, your pet may benefit remotely, the effects are the same, and may be better, because there is no apprehension of the animal that does not know me and they love to stay at home during the care.

At distance, I send energy by intention, focus, and channeling energy to the animal. I feel the animal as if it’s in front of me.

I love giving treatments at distance and let the animal staying in his familiar environnement.

We fix together a time when you will  be at home with him during the care.

I need : picture, name , date of birth or age

Energy Healing for horses

What can energy healing bring to you and your horse?

photo 1-39 - copie

  • Improve recovery after surgery or prepare before
  • Preparation of athletes : i can work on legs, back , neck of the horse
  • Building a better relashionship with your horse,work in a nicer way, harmonize your both energies
  • Old horses love receiving Energy, it repairs from pas physical efforts
  • other effects mentionned on the top of this page

saut d'obstacle en quitation Hannoveraner Wallach an der Longe

Offer an energy healing treatment to your horse, he will give it back to you 100 times !






“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s  soul remains unwakened” Anatole France





Few testimonies :

Congratulations on this new page Christelle! I believe in your ability to heal people and animals and I am SO SO proud of you! Love – Amélia Kinkade – International Animal Communicator –

Pharouk my horse, was given an energy care from Christelle, at distance. It helped to understand what was going wrong. Thank you for this wonderfull care, Léa.  – Léa

Cat Léo : had trouble to breath, not he sleeps better and all trouble have nearly left with one care.

Lulu a Donkey  : she was suffering and had troubles to walk good. After 3 cares she had great eyes happy, and walks normally.

Jade, dog : very stressed, moving all the time. She is now more peacefull

Usefull informations


Price  / care :

60 euros for 1 animal healing treatment –  (150 euros for 3 cares) –

+ transport costs

How many treatments – How long ?

The number of sessions depends on the physical condition of your animal, and it is different from one animal to another, they do not have all the same capacity to recover. A first care allows to make an evaluation.

How long ? Between 50min and 1 hour

You love your Animal ? Do not wait, offer him an energy treatment !

Organization of an animal energy distance healing session

I need a picture of your animal, his name, age.

We agree of a day, a time for the treatment. After i send you an emal or give a phone call to let you know. It is important you to be at home when he receives the energy; It is better not to give hugs at the same time, but if your animal comes, let him share this energy with you.

Wherever you are in the world i can work on your animal healing.

With pleasure to take care of you loved animal

Important : these treatments are complementary  to veterinarian work. I does not replace.